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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about our investment process, criteria, and opportunities in our FAQ.


Are you actively doing investments?

Yes, we actively pursue investment opportunities. If your business aligns with our strategic interests, we may opt for a direct acquisition. Otherwise, we'll introduce your company to our vast network of potential investors for consideration.


What is the typical investment amount?

For private acquisitions, we typically invest between $100k and $1M. When leveraging our external investor pool, investment amounts can range from $300k to $10M, depending on the project's scale and potential for growth.


How can we get in touch to pitch our company?

To pitch your company, visit our contact page and submit your details through the provided form. Alternatively, you can email us directly with your pitch deck and executive summary. We look forward to hearing about your venture.


Are you open for partnerships?

Yes, we are open to partnerships that create a win-win-win scenario for all parties involved. We believe in collaborative success and are always looking for opportunities that benefit everyone.